Automatic Chicken Coop Door Kit | Door Opener with Light Sensor, Timer and Controller | 8" W x 10" T Opening

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  • 🦊 PROTECT the lives of your chickens with our high-end auto chicken coop door. Self-locking aluminum auto chicken door and rails resists bending and breaking for the best possible protection by an automatic chicken house door.
  • πŸŒ— PROVEN RELIABILITY with over 10,000 automatic chicken door openers sold, our customers have spoken. They have protected their chicken coops with best automatic chicken door. They have told their friends about our heavy-duty door that continues to work for you in all kinds of weather.
  • πŸ”‹ RISK FREE Our automatic chicken coop door openers come with a 1-year warranty and 90-day money-back guarantee. Happy Henhouse is American-owned and boasts the BEST customer support in the industry (just read our reviews).
  • πŸ”¨ EASY TO USE Quick pushbutton programming lets you set this chicken coop door opener with timer, light sensor or manual control. This automatic chicken door opener installs quickly, runs on 2AA batteries which should last a year depending on climate.
  • πŸ“ TIME TESTED Our chicken coop automatic door openers and chicken supplies are some of the best in the industry. We are chicken owners. Our products are constantly tested against our competitors to make sure we are offering the best possible chicken coop accessories for your animals.

Keep Your Chickens Safe!

Tired of running to the poultry coop to let your chickens out at dawn and lock them in at dusk?

How about an automatic chicken coop door opener with a light sensor and timer operation?

Presenting An Advanced Automatic Chicken Coop Door by Happy Henhouse!

No need to rush to the coop at the first daylight or on rainy nights, to secure the coop door anymore!

We have created an auto coop door opener that will let your chickens out in the morning and lock them in the coop when the sun sets, to protect them from predator attacks, while you snuggle in your couch with a hot coffee cup!

Chicken Protection Is Made Easier!

Equipped with a Light Sensor and a Timer, our coop door opener will allow you to set the door opening at sunrise and closing time at sunset and adjust it, depending on the time of the year.

2 AA batteries power the door for up to a year, so that your poultry remains safe with minimal upkeep.

Easy Installation!

The all-in-one unit comes with easy-to-follow instructions and a step-by-step installation video will help you install your automatic chicken door in no time.

Why Choose The Happy Henhouse Poultry Door Opener?

βœ” Sturdy Gear Motor And All Metal Doors And Rails – 14" T x 9.5” W, With An Opening 10” T x 8” W

βœ” Weatherproof Controller Especially Designed For This Door – No More Cheaply- Made Timers!

βœ” Reliable 110V Actuator - Much More Efficient Than Gravity Or String Style Chicken Doors

βœ” Patent-Pending Safety Perfection - Customize The Door Settings To Prevent Accidents For Chickens!

Click β€œAdd To Cart” Now To Get Yours Risk-Free!

Now you can have the freedom to not have to rush home in the evening to put the chickens away. Nor do you have to wake up early to let them out. Wake up when you want, grab a cup of coffee or tea, walk outside and watch your chickens already enjoying their day.

Relax knowing that our products are backed by a full year warranty should something go wrong with the door.

With 1000's of units sold in many countries, you can trust in our reliability.