Automatic Chicken Feeder & Waterer w/ Patented Soft-Close Lid (Weather & Rodent Proof) 20 Lbs. Capacity - Display Model with some fingerprints

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Hen Peckin' Treadle Feeder and Drinker with Patented Soft Close Lid
  • Rust-Proof Aluminum: Our chicken feeder is made with 100% aluminum keeping your chicken feed dried, cleaned and protected in any type of climate in your coop run
  • Save Time and Money: Spend your time on more important tasks while keeping your chickens fed. Our automatic feeder is opened while your chicken is eating and closed when it is done. It holds up to 20 lbs of feed which is enough for 6 hens up to 5 days
  • Reduce Waste: Reduces food wastage by up to 75% because food is enclosed and it is accessed on demand when they are hungry ensuring optimum food consumption as well as protecting the food from being accessed by rats, mice and birds
  • For all Size Chickens: Dimension 22”x7”x14.5”. Suitable for all size chickens including Bantams. Our patented treadle feeder has been carefully designed and tested by poultry enthusiasts. It has served thousands of happy customers worldwide
  • 95% Assembled & Training Guide Included: Treadle feeder opens with only 1.1 pounds of pressure. Most chickens learn to use it in a few days. Training guide is included and it takes only 5 minutes to assemble!

Stop feeding birds and pests! Feed only your chicks with our automatic treadle chicken feeder and drinker. Our patented design is the only combination free-range treadle feeder and drinker on the market! Money and Time Saver Weather-proof Rust-proof Aluminum Sturdy Expertly designed and tested by chicken lovers worldwide! Give our aluminum treadle feeder a try!

Your chickens mean the world to us!

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