Electric Fence Poultry Netting, 164ft x 48in, Extra-Thick Portable Fence for Chicken Fence, Livestock, Dogs

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Keep Your Chicken Run Safe from Predators and Varmints!

  • TOUGH - Our long lasting electric fence kit has heavy duty nylon chicken net and extra-sturdy 15mm (0.6in) poles to hold up to the harsh outdoor environment, prevent sagging and keep predators out
  • EASY - Our chicken netting comes with the poles already attached, making set-up or take-down able to be completed in 5 min. Can be paired with a solar electric fence charger, 110V charger or 12Vdc Battery Charger (charger NOT included)
  • SAFE - Use this chicken fencing to safely contain your chickens while keeping predators out. Place around the coop to deter foxes, coyotes, mink, raccoons, rabbits, skunks or other predators
  • PORTABLE - Set up as a solar powered electric fence and move it around your yard to give your poultry access to fresh grazing for healthier, happier chickens. Create a chicken run where you choose.

Keeps Chickens In and Predators Out

Let your chickens free range safely. No worrying about the neighbors dog or wild predators getting the flock.

Blends in Beautifully with the Landscape

No unsightly white fences to block the natural beauty of your view. The dark green and black netting blends in perfectly.

Easily Moved to Use All of Your Space

Move around the yard to let the chickens naturally eat the ticks, bugs and weeds. This keeps your yard looking great. The chickens naturally fertilize your grass.