Electric Fence Charger | Energizer for Wire, Poultry Netting, Goats, Chickens, Deer, Pet | 110V AC Unit | 0.15J - 1 Miles / 4 Acres | Hot Wire Fence for Gardens (watts, 0.15)

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  • 🐰 MULTIPLE USES: Electric fence wire, electric poultry netting, steel, aluminum or other conductive wire, rope, braid or tape fencer kit
  • 🐓 ADVANCED: AC powered electronic pulse controller | Weather resistant for AC unit fence
  • 🦊 SECURITY: Fencing for Rabbits, Poultry, Dogs to Protect from Coyotes, Raccoons, Foxes | Keep Pests out of the Garden, Flower Beds, Agricultural
  • 🦝 EASY INSTALL: Large Easy-to-Grip Terminals, Instruction Manual with Diagrams, Recommended Configurations for electric fence energizer
  • 🦨 Perfect for electric fence netting, goat fence, electric chicken fence, ac fence, predators


110/120V AC Powered, 60 HZ electric fence energizer
Up to 2 Miles, 8 Acres with Single wire
Perfect for 50M electric chicken netting poultry fence.
If you are looking to set up an electric fence for chickens, agricultural fencing, security fence,
Small electric fence kit for garden.
Electric fence for flower bed.
Keep predators out and pets in.
Protect large gardens from pests.

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