ShureLock - Precision Actuator w/ Safety - Timer & Light Sensor - 110V or 12V battery

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  • 🐔 GET A COMPLETE AUTO CHICKEN COOP DOOR OPENER KIT consisting of the controller, actuator, remote light sensor, door, rails, hardware, connecting cable, AC power adapter, installation and setup instructions, at a competitive price.
  • 🐔 TAKE THE FUSS OUT OF OPENING & CLOSING YOUR COOP DOOR: Automatically control the opening and closing time of your chicken coop door with sunlight or the timer. No more cold night trips to the coop to secure your poultry!
  • 🐔 PROTECT YOUR CHICKENS: Invest in our modern electric chicken door opener with PATENT PENDING technology. The controller will sense if something has been caught in the doorway and reverse, keeping your girls safe. Safely lock predators outside the coop, with an advanced automatic coop door opener.
  • 🐔 EASILY SET UP YOUR CHICKEN COOP DOOR: Install this automatic coop door in a breeze. The eye-opening instructions and video facilitate setup. Worry no more about resetting after a power failure - the door automatically returns to normal operation once power returns!
  • 🐔 ORDER THIS AUTOMATIC CHICKEN COOP DOOR 100% RISK-FREE: We want to help you order our product worry-free, this is why we back it with our 100% Manufacturer Warranty. So, place your order with confidence!

Keep Your Chickens Safe! Tired of running to the poultry coop to let your chickens out at dawn and lock them in at dusk? How about an automatic chicken coop door opener with a light sensor, timer, and actuator function? Presenting An Advanced Automatic Chicken Coop Door, Released by Happy Henhouse! No need to rush to the coop at the first daylight or on rainy nights, to secure the coop door anymore! We have created an auto coop door opener that will let your chickens out in the morning and lock them in the coop when the sun sets, to protect them from predator attacks, while you snuggle on your couch with a hot coffee cup! Chicken Protection Is Made Easier! Equipped with a strong Light Sensor and a Timer, our coop door opener will allow you to set the door opening automatically at sunrise and closing time at sunset and/or adjust it with the timer. In case of a power failure, your automatic door memory settings and time are backed up by a battery, so that your poultry remains safe, once power is back on. Easy Installation! The easy-to-follow instructions and step-by-step installation video will help you install your automatic chicken door in no time.

Why Choose The Happy Henhouse Poultry Door Opener?

✔ Patent-Pending Safety Protection - Customize The Door Settings To Prevent Accidents For Chickens!

✔ Sturdy Actuator And All Metal Door And Rails – 33”Tx11”W, With An Opening 11”Tx9”W

✔ Weatherproof Controller Especially Designed For This Door – No More Cheaply Made Timers Thrown Together In A Box!

✔ Reliable 110V Actuator - Safer Than Gravity Or String Style Chicken Doors

✔ Battery Backup Of Controller Function (CR2032 Battery Not Included) – Keeps Settings During A Power Loss Click Now To Get Yours!